Saturday, January 3, 2009

Getting Webware + Apache to work on Ubuntu

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  1. Install Apache 2. The built in package installer will install the cgi-bin directory under usr/lib.
  2. Download and install Webware 1.0
  3. In ../Webware/WebKit/Adapters/wkcgi run make (I use /home/Webware/Webkit/...)
  4. copy wkcgi to usr/lib/cgi-bin/wkcgi.cgi
  5. copy WebKit.cfg to usr/lib/cgi-bin directory
  6. Install webit from webkit directory $python
  7. start apache
  8. start WebKit app server by invoking WebKit/AppServer
  9. test by opening
  10. test by opening

You can stop the server by typing ^Z at the terminal.

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